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Hermitech MathML IE Performer

License: Free
Requirements: Windows 2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista
Formulator MathML IE Performer is a browser plugin that enhances Internet Explorer to display mathematical notations within a web page. If the mathematical fragments in a web page are written in the MathML language and are appeared following to W3C recommendation on putting mathematics on the Web, Internet Explorer gives them to Hermitech's plug-infor Internet Explorer, known also as "Formulator MathML IE Performer", to display the page using the standard math notation.

Formulator MathML IE Performer is a part of Formulator MathML Weaver, and so it is installed by default along with Formulator. If you have Formulator MathML Weaver you do not need to download and setup the plugin separately.

When displayed the equation within a web page can be accessed by placing the mouse pointer over an equation and clicking the right mouse button. This brings up Formulator's shortcut menu.
In addition to the commands operating with the clicked-on equation, there are commands to view Formulator's information, version number and copyright and to visit the Formulator web site: 
  • The Copy MathML command copies the MathML equivalent of the equation to the Clipboard. After this action the MathML text can be pasted into a text editor or computer algebra system.
  • The Open with Formulator command opens the equation in a new Formulator window.
  • The Exports command translates the current version of the equation that you’re working on into a graphic file or a web-page.
  • Choose the Zoom command to change the viewing scale and get a closer look at the equation. This feature can be extremely useful when you examine view small scripts and accents. To bring the equation back down to normal size just use a single mouse click or press ESCAPE.
Following to W3C recommendation, in order to render math on the web page with the help of Formulator, the web page should be written using XHTML with the MathML markup inlined, as in the following example: 
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="/pmathml.xsl"?>
<html xmlns="">
    <math xmlns="">
Please note that you can use just pmathml.xsl stylesheet since Formulator doesn’t support Content Markup yet. Make sure that 'href' attribute in the 'xml-stylesheet' declaration points to actual location of pmathml.xsl stylesheet.
Since your browser can have more than one way to render MathML markup, there is a way to specify that your preferred method is using a Formulator. This is achieved through the use of an attribute 'renderer' belonging to the 'pref' namespace:
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="/pmathml.xsl"?>
<html xmlns=""
Values for the renderer attributes here is "hermitech" and that means that you prefer to use Formulator for viewing web pages containing math.