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Specification of Hermitech Online MathML Editor and DEMO!

License: Free to try;
  750 Euro to buy (license is per single domain or web server).
Online demo is available
In addition to our cross-platform edition, we have developed a special edition of our MathML software that runs inside an Internet browser. Choosing among available techniques we decided to port our software to some of existing browser plugins (as opposed to a scripting language approach), and selected Silverlight plugin by Microsoft. General picture of this solution includes a server part that is working on MS Windows operating system, and a very thin Silverlight client, that is working inside a browser and in ideal case should not depend on operating system.
The set of supported features of Hermitech Online MathML Editor is good enough to perform such popular operations as: to create/open/save formulas in Presentation, Content and mixed markups of MathML; to export formulas to MathML text or to an image; to cut/copy /paste formulas, etc.
You can download trial version of Hermitech Online MathML Editor and by installing the server part within your Local Area Network to test how this solution can be used within the organization:
32 bit version
64 bit version
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